Setup 3G Dongle on TF101 with PPP Widget on KatKiss-KitKat #023c

I had a lot of problems setting up my Huawei E173 3G USB Dongle with ASUS Transformer TF101 on newly installed KatKiss-KitKat #023c ROM (Android 4.4), so after finally getting it to work, here are some tips that might help the others. Provider –  BH Mobile / BH Telecom – Bosna i Hercegovina.

KatKiss KitKat 4.4.2


#1 Dock battery should be over 25% [ whether it makes sense or not…it worked better for me ]
#2 Unlike default system (4.0.3 if I remember well), this ROM will not auto-detect/mount your USB device
#3 WIFI shloud be OFF

These are my PPP Widget settings

Access Point Name [required] >>> mine was (check with your carrier/provider)

Check and set PIN [required] >>> enter your PIN – BHMobile default is “0000”

Use WiFi to show PPP connection status >>> ON
Disable USC Device sleep >>> ON

Automatic device detection >>> ON
Manual port selection >>> ON [important]
Modem port – enter “ttyUSB0” — do not use another USB port at te same time!

Notify system about network access >>>  ON
Enable logging >>>  ON


Turn your Android OFF now (rebooting does not work).

Go to PPP Widget screen. Press green PPP widget icon.
Widget should be waking your device up… Connect button available soon.
Do not get discouraged if you do not connect from the first attempt.
Keep trying – it really works!

I will try to upload some screenshots later.

Hope it helps!


One thought on “Setup 3G Dongle on TF101 with PPP Widget on KatKiss-KitKat #023c

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